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Hearing Aid Repairs & Maintenance

Since hearing aids are mechanical and electronic devices, they are subject to dirt, dust, moisture, earwax, debris, and abuse from handling on a daily basis. At some point, they will require maintenance and quite possibly, some form of repair.

Hearing aids can be repaired, regardless of whether you need to fix the microphone, broken wires, the receiver, or perhaps a bad transistor. Most of the time, we can fix the hearing aid in the office at the time of your visit.

You will know when a hearing aid is not functioning correctly after you get used to your device(s), based on its performance during usage at optimum levels. A working hearing aid is not the same as an effective hearing aid. Even though a hearing aid may be working, it doesn’t mean that it is meeting your expectations.

If your hearing aid is working, but you have noticed a change it it’s performance, it may be indicative of a possible change in your hearing loss.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you have noticed any depletion of the hearing aids performance you come visit us to re-evaluate your hearing and inspect your hearing devices.

Hearing Aid Maintenance

  • Make sure to charge and check the battery. Batteries that are properly charged will make a noise (a squeal) when cupped in your hand or after it has been inserted in your ear, when you cup your hand over the hearing aid it will also make a noise.
  • Inspect each device for dirt, wax, and debris. Dirt, wax, and moisture are the saboteurs of hearing aids. If there is wax, dirt, or debris in or over the microphone, it could prevent your hearing aid from working at its best. The cerumen (ear wax) should be removed weekly using Peroxide or a prepared ear wash.

In Office Services

We encourage ongoing cleaning and maintenance after your hearing aid purchase to ensure you receive optimum performance and benefit from your hearing aid(s). We encourage all our patients to come in for regular hearing aid check-ups and cleaning.

Repairs, Maintenance, Cleanings, and Warranties come with all brands of hearing aids. We offer in-office repairs when possible on most makes/models.